Why do I even bother?
Friday April 20th 2007, 12:53 am
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Today, I’m really sitting here and ask myself: Why do I even bother? Why? Why? Play donk number one, he chases like a champ, get’s lucky and goes ahead and tells me off about how he did nothing wrong etc. Well, boy, yes I played 93o to a raise. Yes, I knew you had big cards. Yes, the flop came down 9 high. Yes I knew I was ahead and bet it hard. No, you didn’t make a great play. No, it wasn’t skillful to call off your stack until you got lucky on the river. Yes, it really shows your class how you handle sucking out on someone. Wait, not really, so shut the fuck up donk!

Well, what can I say, I let it get to me, yet again. I really don’t know why I even bother getting involved in the chat with such morons. I know that they ain’t worth shit. If they get lucky, hell, they’ll win a match here and there, but overall they’re donating their money to the community. So, just switch off the chat and let them talk their trash bs. Let the cards speak.

So…well…I didn’t do that and I got kicked in the junk so hard that I can’t even sit anymore, gotta go lay on the couch as soon as this post is finished. One measly win out of 3 HU and 1 SH SnGs…pathetic…time to regroup and try something different again. Probably either move up (as even at the 10$ SnGs the play consists of 95% donks playing like shit, talking trash like they knew the first thing about poker) or play some cash again…

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