Wednesday April 25th 2007, 1:43 am
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Imagine the following setup: You’re playing a five handed SnG. Top two ITM. Payout is 70/30.

You’re playing in that SnG and it’s obvious that second place isn’t really what you’re gunning for, first is what it’s all about. The first player is eliminated so you’re down to four handed. Then you look down at Aces. You raise, get reraise and reraised. You sit there with a big grin. You push and both players call. They show KK and 88…and your rockets hold up. You’re ITM with a 3:1 chiplead. What better spot to be in…and now, the jokester across from you is starting his trash talk how he’s going to take you down, yadda yadda. You sit there and laugh…you tell him that the only way he can win is if he get’s lucky, so let the cards speak and speak they do. Jab and grabble a little and soon enough he pushes preflop on the button…hehe…I got queens baby. Instacall…what does he show? 62o…alrighty…flop 6xx turn x river 6. Thank you very much. Yuck. A few hands later he does the same shit again. This time you don’t have such a monster, but you think he’s on a bullshit move, so you call with K9 s00ted. He shows Q2o. Errm yeah part #2…flop? QQJ…errm yeah turn no ten…river…no ten…and you’re out in second. Unbelievable.
After that I logged out of WPX immediately, because I didn’t want to throw away money as I was slightly annoyed, to say the least. I jumped over to PokerStars and played some headsup. Two easy Ws. Gotta love people who are transparent as glass. Raise: never, unless monster preflop. Bet: at least TP. Rest: check. That play is going to get you far boys, well, not really.

After those Ws, I jumped into a six handed SnG and it was a true drag. Doubled up early on, card dead after that. When I finally decide to take a stand preflop four handed (KQo UTG) the BB wakes up with AK…no help for me…and I’m out in 4th after 50 minutes of play. Now that’s double double -ev…I’m outta here…

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