So sick, it makes we want to puke…
Monday April 23rd 2007, 3:54 am
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…it makes me want to puke, heya, makes me want to puke.

Oh brother, I thought I was over the whining, but after such a brutal session, it’s not easy, nowhere near easy to be honest. Started off by playing a peep at Full Tilt…donkaround big time…bust out in 8th. Oh well…turbo…what can I do, no hand in sight…need to make a move…didn’t work out.

So I jump over to PokerStars and play a 5$ headsup. I make a donkplay – calling an all-in with AKo preflop. Not a classic donk move, but why flip a coin against a donkbag. His fours stand up and I’m crippled and bust out a few hands later. So I decide to kick it up a level and resist the urge to click click click. Instead I do the whole think……click thing and it works out just fine. Until he sucks out on me like the best vacuum money can buy. So there’s goes 10$. After that I really thought long and hard about quitting, but nope, let’s play a “non-donk-level” one at 20$ a pop.

The match starts out pretty standard, raise and take it few times. Fold to a raise some times. About a dozen hands in my opponent is up 200 chips and we see a flop. I hold K7o. Flop comes down K75. He bets out small…I flat call. Turn K…bingo…check…check…river 8. He bets out pot…I raise…he reraises…I push…he instacalls…he show 46o for the straight…I’m up 2800-200. He pushes every hand after that and when I finally look down at the s00ted tourist (Ad7d) I call….he shows AsJs and it holds up. He’s up to nearly 500. “Normal play” resumes and he’s slowly but steadily chopping at my big stack. Soon enough he’s up to over a thousand again. I spare you the details, but let’s just say that he runner runnered and rivered my ass pretty good three times and after that I’m the one with slightly over 600 in chips. So sick. A few hands later I double up as he donkpushes into my turned straight. Back to square one. Win some lose some, get rivered some, get runner runnered some. Then take some pots again. I’m up around 1800-1200 again. I look down at 44…raise..he calls…flop comes down 468…he leads out, I raise…he calls…turn is a J…he pushes…hmm…do I fold bottom set here? Not really…with the preflop call…hmm…66…possible, but not likely…88…not really…JJ…hmm…not really…I can’t really put him on a hand, but I think I’m ahead here…oh well…what does he show…57o…errm yeah…nice call preflop…payed off big time too…so practically a “superstar move”, if you neglect the fact that this is  about the only flop that will win that huge pot for you (well…3-4-6 would be the other one)….crippled again…a few hands later we see an unraised flop of AAJ…me holding the J10…money goes in…he shows Ace rag and wins the match…there goes another 20$.

After that, I’m sitting here sick and thinking…what in the world is going on here? How come that a guy down to 200 in chips can come back to win it. How come that I flop a set he flops a straight? How come I’m ahead all the way betting and he sucks out a flush? How come that I get runner runnered? How come? This is just unreal. I get one cold deck early on (boat vs straight) and he get’s all the rest (I counted four major ones). What in the world is going on here? Am I the second Mike Matusow or was today just a bad spot to be me? I don’t know, but really, I’m feeling sick now and I curse my bad luck. Comeback from 200…get out of here…this is ridiculous…chip and chair, yeah…probably should have called every friggin all-in after he was down to 200…most likely would have won one of the next 3?! Who knows…I just thought that calling with 9, 10 and Q high wouldn’t be the best idea…work out perfectly, didn’t it…not really….so sick…so sick…

Donkey cash on fire

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