Another nice SnG run…
Monday October 02nd 2006, 1:12 am
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…although not as nice as yesterday’s run. Played six SnGs tonight, finished ITM four times, not a single win though, bubbled twice. Weird how it goes sometimes, you totally dominate the table and hold a commanding chip lead just to go up in flames once you’re down to three-handed play. The worst loss tonight was back-to-back from chiplead to out of here: Hand 1 I hold AKs and lose a race to JJ, not a biggie…I got the opponent covered by almost 100%…so after the hand he’s got me covered by less than 50 chips….the very next hand I look down at AKo…we get the money in preflop again and he shows A10s…nice…give me back my chips…flop AxK…nice…turn Q…river…yes…J…ding…oh well, it’s the way it goes 😉

So I’m finishing the day slightly down…but no biggie I’ll be back tomorrow (as there’s a bank holiday over here on tuesday, I took monday off to have a super extended weekend)…

Bonus hunt update: I still didn’t go back to nine, I’m still too pissed off about all the suckouts I suffered on there. Good news though, I used the first part of my points I got for finishing the bodog promotion on pokersourceonline to get a 50$ amazon gift certificate…I ordered the WPT Season 2 Box Set a few weeks ago and it arrived this week…8 DVDs of Poker Goodness…I’m already through with watching the first 4 DVDs and I gotta say: I love it…although it’s not the newest stuff – in contrast, it’s rather old school, seeing some of the now well established players hitting their first final tables and all, but that’s the thing that makes it cool, especially as I hadn’t seen the second season yet.

Here’s the link to amazon as I’m too lazy to take a picture of the box myself 😉

World Poker Tour - Season Two

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