Saturday March 09th 2013, 9:58 pm
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Nice to finally experience something like a heater again. Despite losing one or two huge pot with KK against the likes of Ace wheeee ten…I managed to grind out a nice profit today. Running good surely helps, and tbh I was really surprised that all the really big hands held up.

Exhibit A:
Pre: QQ, MP 1 seat before me raises to 3BB, I reraise it to 7BB, CO calls, original raiser reraise to 20BB, I flat, CO calls as well. (Pot 61BB)

Flop: 3c Jd Qc – Yatzee!
MP checks, I bet out 30BB, CO folds, MP reraises all-in, I insta-call (Pot 212BB) – MP shows AA – tough luck

Turn: K
River: 7

Cha-ching! (My All-In Equity 89.8)

Exhibit B:
Pre: AA, UTG minraises, I minraise UTG+2, Button flats, UTG flats (Pot 13BB)

Flop: 5s Jd 6h
UTG checks, I bet out 9BB, Button minraises, I think set or overpair oh well if you’ve got a set you got me – shove, instacall – Button shows: QQ (Pot 165BB)

Turn: Th
River: 6d

Cha-ching! (My All-In Equity: 91.62)

Had another three bigger pots, equity 98.38, 88.79 and 100 and amazingly all three held up. Noice!

That’s the way I like it and I can logoff with a smile…


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