Studtastic and HE-drastic
Friday February 03rd 2006, 3:16 am
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I guess I should come up with better post titles, but it’s 3am, so I blame that fact for it 😉

Played a 7 Stud H/L MTT on PokerStars – the first in quite a while and to my surprise I was right back in the action (after all I was playing 7Stud H/L exclusively for quite a while) and able to scoop quite a bit in the beginning. Just before the bubble I was able to triple up and cruise into the money. Didn’t catch much of anything after that and just survived another level (antes 200, limits 1000/2000)…finished 47th of 456…for a whooping profit of 1.48$ (3$+0.30$ buyin)…Had three hours of poker fun though 😉 stud result

After that I played a NL HE SnG and promptly busted out in 8th, those buggers have been totally -ev in recent days, I think I’m going to start playing MTTs again…

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