Sunday January 01st 2006, 10:20 pm
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Action: Opportunity to act. “The action is on you”. Your turn to call the big blind (preflop) or raise. In later betting round your options are: check – if no bet was made prior to your turn, call – if a bet was made prior to your turn, you match the prior bet, raise – you (re)raise the prior bet. Minimum raise is always the BigBlind!

All-In: Betting all your chips. Only allowed in No Limit matches or in a situation where your current chip stack would be insufficient to cover an opponent’s bet.

American Airlines: Best Hold’em starting hand. You’re holding two Aces as your hole cards. Also known as Bullets, Rockets or Pocket Rockets.

Ante: Common in games like Stud and Omaha, uncommon in Hold’em although possible in higher tournament levels. Every player at the table puts up this ante prior to the deal to seed the pot.

Axs: Ace and x suited. You’re holding Ace and a small card (i.e. 7) of the same suit, i.e. A-7 both of spades.

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