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Maniac: Term for a player who is very aggressive. This type of player plays a lot of hand, raises frequently, and often bluffs.

Mechanic: Cheater who shuffles the deck to his advantage.

Middle Position: In a nine handed game the positions 4-6 are considered to be in middle position. They act after the early positions and before the late positions. Short version: MP
Mommas and Pappas: Two pairs, Queens and Kings (Q-Q-K-K-x).

MTT: Multi Table Tournament

Muck, the: Area on the table were folded hands and burned cards are placed. Once a card is in the muck it’s out of the game for the given hand.

muck, to: To fold a hand. At showdown: to not show a losing hand.

Near Nuts: A hand that is nearly the best hand possible at the given time, i.e. if you’re holding K-K and the board is Q-Q-K-x-x you are holding a near nuts as someone might have four of a Kind Queens.

Nuts: also known as Lock or Nuts Hand. The best possible hand which is a guranteed winner.

Newlyweds: Starting hand of K-Q.

No Limit: There’s no limit on the amount that can be bet at any given time (house rules may cap the maximum limit although the game is called No Limit). Short: NL

Nut-Nut: Ultimate winning hand in High Low games (like Omaha 8b, 7 stud 8b). Hand good enough to win both the high and the low pot (i.e. A-A-2-3, board A-A-4-5-6 – 4 aces for high Ace to 5 wheel for the low).

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