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Octopus: Starting hand of 8-8.

Offsuit: also known as off-suit or unsuited. The two hole cards are of different suits.

Oldsmobile: Starting hand of 9-8

OOP: Out of Position. To be in an earlier position than your opponents.

Open-Ended: also known as Open Ended Straight Draw, short: OESD. Your holding 4 cards to a straight, i.e. 4-5-6-7, so you’re missing one card at either end of the 4 cards, hence an open ended straight draw (in the example you’re missing either a 3 or an 8).

Outs: Number of cards that can possibly improve your hand, i.e. you’re holding A-K, flop 10-J-7, you’re missing a Q to complete your straight…although a King or an Ace would help your hand too…so you’ve got 4 outs for the straight (as there are 4 Queens in the deck), or 10 outs (three remaining kings + three remaining aces + four remaining Queens).

Overbet: also known as overbetting the pot. In a no limit game you can bet as much or little as you like. If you’re bet is bigger than the current size of the pot, you’re making an overbet.

Overlay: Sometimes a poker room will add money to a (MTT) price pool. If the buy-in is 100$ and 100 players enter the tournament, there would be a normal price pool of 10.000$. If this tournament has a guaranteed winning amount of 15.000$ the 5.000$ difference between buy-ins and winnings would be considered an overlay.

Overpair: Pocket pair which is higher than any card on the board, i.e. you’re holding K-K, the board is 2-4-7-10-J.

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