Thursday November 17th 2005, 1:38 am
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Played a little S&G to finish my poker day, finished 6 of 6 when my Kc-Qc didn’t catch and the caller won the hand with high card Ace (A-K)…

Wednesday November 16th 2005, 12:55 am
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Decided not to head over to PokerStars, but play a little on TitanPoker. To start things off I played a little heads up match for a dollar, on the third hand my A-Q survived against K-Q and the match was over.

After that I played another S&G this time a $2+0.20 one sitting 20 players…busted out in 14th place when neither my Jc-Qc not my opponents K-3 improved on the board. Argh!

Enough online gambling for the night…off to the XBox and a round of WSOP 😉

Tuesday November 15th 2005, 4:23 am
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One days work at Titan Poker:

Ring game play:
-0,05$, played in different games with blinds of 0.02$/0.04$ and 0.05$/0.10$, didn’t catch much of hand…so decided to call it a day after roughly 2hours of play.

Tournament play:
Thought it would be a good way to finish my day at Titan, played a little S&G (1$ + 0.10$) and won it, +4,20$, nice 🙂

Titan Poker Turbo S&G
Monday November 14th 2005, 3:52 am
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Buy-In: $1 + 0.10 fee…6 players…top two payed…and I finish 3rd… 🙁