Pokerstars 1$ + 0.20 S&G
Monday November 14th 2005, 3:08 am
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Tonight I decided to play a little S&G (1$ + 0.20 fee) over at PokerStars and whoooo was the deck hot early on. 45 players entered for a total price pool of 45$ (7 places payed: 14$/10$/7$/5$/4$/3$/2$), 1500$ chip count to start with.

Early on:

  • I was looking down at Cowboys after 4 minutes of play, I limp in for 100, 2-3-6 flop, another 100 on the turn (8), check on the river (Q) and I look at pocket nines, so I’m up to 4th place with 2000$ in chips. Nice.
  • After 7 minutes of play I look once again at my Cowboys (K-K) and my All-In is called in late position. K-K vs. Q-8 (?!), only low cards on the board…I’m up to 3040$ in chips, still in 4th place.
  • After 15 minutes of play: still 4th with 3040$
  • After 17 minutes I look down at A-A w00t! and someone calls my All-In bet, I’m up to 4075$ in chips, which is 2nd place at this point.
  • After 19 minutes: A-J…All-In…A-Q calls (ouch), but the board has got no queen but a Jack for me…+1925 for 5060$ chips
  • After 30 minutes: down to 4535$, but still in 2nd place (33 remaining)

Mid of the tournament:

  • 32 minutes: I call an mid position All-In with A-J, but his Cowboys are smiling as the board is (4-10-7-8-J)…down to 2885$ (7th position)
  • 35 minutes: I call another mid position All-In with Big Slick (A-K), he shows A-Q…and the board comes Q-10-3-8-6, argh!, down to 1295$…
  • 36 minutes: As-10s, All-In, 2 callers, Js-Qs, Kc-7c, board: Js-Ks-Qh (nuts) 9c-4h, I’m up to 3175$ (9th/25)
  • Now the deck is cold and all I get is weak stuff like J-2, 6-3, etc…I tighten up a little bit and sit out the next minutes, on the break (after 60min) I’m down to 2125$ due to the blinds…

After the break:

  • I’m becoming more and more short-stacked and my bluffs don’t work, so I need to get out of some pots…down to 1125$ after 75 minutes. Right then I catch a A-Q and don’t hesitate to move All-In, two call…and this was the laugher of the night…both callers show A-Q (!)…three-way split pot…up to 1468$ (still short stacked in 12th/14 position)
  • After 78 minutes I’m out…my A-K doesn’t hold up against Q-7 as the board shows: Q-8-9-5-9 🙁


  • Players busted: 3
  • Finished in 13th position
  • No final table, no money

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