Thursday November 24th 2005, 2:52 am
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As I’m having a hard time with Hold’em these days I’m trying to expand my game by (learning/) playing other games. Started to play 7 card stud tonight on FTP…I gotta say it’s a really interesting and yet challenging game as you gotta observe and calculate all the time (at least third to sixth street) and a rewarding one, too. As you can see all the third to sixth streets of the other players you can’t only guess what they might be holding, but see cards that you can’t catch anymore, too. Really really interesting.

Started the night with 1000 play chips and held my own at a 10/20 fixed table…doubling up in the process, before donkeying* out some chips near the end of my playing session (when you play stud you shouldn’t be tired and I am as it’s already almost 3am over here)…still a successfull night and I’ll practice a little more over the next days…and if everything goes well I will start playing for real in a couple of days!

* speaking of donkeys – how do you like my FTP avatar?! 🙂

Ingoals FTP Avatar

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