FTP and PP-24.11.2005
Friday November 25th 2005, 1:34 pm
Filed under: 7 Stud,Free Play,Full Tilt Poker,PartyPoker

So, I continued my quest to become a better stud player and it’s looking good. I was able to get up from 1000 to 7000 chips in two hours over at FTP and from 57.000 to around 62.000 over at PP. Nice going so far, the only sad part is that most tournaments and S&Gs are really Texas Hold’em and not much going on the stud tables. Can anyone recommend a Poker room with a decent stud crowd when it comes to tournaments or S&Gs?


Party Poker is about the only site that has any stud SNGs going.

Comment by Boobie Lover 11.26.05 @ 10:39 pm


Already thought so as you can sit and grow old at PokerStars etc, it seems that everything is about Hold’em these days. Thanks for the hint though, I guess I’ll have to reload my PartyPoker account then 🙂

On another note: nice playing earlier on (in Pauly’s tourney), so close to the final table…!

Comment by Ingoal 11.26.05 @ 10:57 pm