Absolute Poker-04.12.2005
Monday December 05th 2005, 1:43 am
Filed under: Absolute Poker,No-Limit Hold'em,S&G

As I was reading through some of my favourite poker blogs today I came across a site (and poker room) which I hadn’t known yet. Absolute Poker. As they offer a 200% sign-up bonus with Code AP200 I decided to sign up, invest some and start playing.

As it’s already rather early around here (01:40am on Monday) I decided to play just a little NL Hold’em S&G for 0.50$ + 0.10 fee – the lowest Buy In I’ve ever seen…held my own, got a nice stack with A-A and kicked back and relaxed a little, as one bully at the table kept pushing and pushing – until someone looked him up and he was gone. Was able to cash in as I came in third (20% of the pot = 0.90$) – not much, but a good way to start off with a new poker room!

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