Absolute Poker-05.12.2005-MTT action
Monday December 05th 2005, 5:13 pm
Filed under: Absolute Poker,MTT,No-Limit Hold'em,Tournaments

After the quick exit in the little S&G I was browsing through the tournament listings and found a freeroll, which I entered. There were 1909 players in total and I managed to hold on for over 3 hours!
Unfortunately my K-J All-In bet (14k chips) was called down and crushed by A-A. So I went out in 33rd place. Not bad at all as it was a good experience to finally last really long in a tournament again, while playing some of my best poker (looking up (semi) bluffs, pushing ppl around, etc)! The only thing that didn’t rock is that, as it was a freeroll, only the first 18 places were payed (10$,8$,6$,4$,3$,3$,3$,2$,2$, 10-18: 1$)…nontheless I had a great time and was able to build up some confidence again. Poker world here I come, again 😉

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