Absolute Poker-06.12.2005
Wednesday December 07th 2005, 4:10 am
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Another day, another 9 handed S&G for 0.50$…and once again I bust out in 4th place (top 3 in the money), but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I sit back and relax and watch people bust out right and left – in the mean time I don’t catch any real hands, at least some live cards, but I don’t catch anything and fold a lot. We’re down to four handed action and I catch a nice run of cards…or at least some playable cards and I move All-In with 9-9, donkey shows A-Jo, my pair holds up as the board is: K-5-4-3-3. Alrighty, double me up (2400 chips now). Next hand and I look down at Ah-Jh…All-In again…everybody folds, nice. Then on the next hand I’m on a diamond flush draw, I put my opponent on a straight draw (flop: 6-7-8 and he’s betting out)…so I call, turn is blank but I call his continuation bet…river hits and I’ve got my king high flush…he bets out…I wonder if he’s holding the Ace…hmm…what to do what to do…I call and sure enough the donkey is showing his diamond Ace…down to 1200 in chips. The very next hand brings another smile on my face…As-Qh…not bad…All-In please…one caller…who shows….A-Q…two hearts in the flop…maybe I’m getting lucky…turn is another heart…but no joy on the river and we split the pot. The very next, and sadly last, hand brings an even bigger smile to my face: Cowboys…All-In yet again one caller (sure enough the same donkey again)…he shows A-Q again…and sure enough the flop hits him…4-5-A…turn (10) and river (3) don’t help either side and I’m out in 4th place…argh!

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