Tuesday December 13th 2005, 3:02 am
Filed under: Casual Play,Limit Hold'em,TitanPoker

Played some hands on regular money tables today and was able to catch a good run of cards at a 0.25$/0.50$ table (up around 5 dollars), but I guess I sticked around just a little bit too long though (dropping around 6 dollars). Nontheless it might be worth it as I played over 100 raked hands which brings me nearer to clearing my bonus and should give me an entrance to tomorrow’s 100 Million Dollar qualification satellite…I hope I’ll catch some cards tomorrow and make it to the real deal as there’s major cash up for grabs (in the main event tournament: 1 Million $ for a Royal Flush, 750.000$ for a straight flush, 500.000$ for Four Aces or Four Kings, 250.000$ for Four of a Kind Queens, Jacks or tens; even better: if you make it to the final table and hit a Royal Flush of Spades you’re the winner of 100 Million Dollars!!!!! – we all know the odds aren’t really good that anyone will do it, but if there’s a theoretical chance, you never know :-))

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