Titan Poker 100 Million Qualifier
Wednesday December 14th 2005, 12:50 am
Filed under: No-Limit Hold'em,TitanPoker,Tournaments

After qualifying through playing raked hands (> 50 is minimum, I played > 100) yesterday I was really looking forward to play in the event today (16 ET). So I fired up Titan and registered, just to find the thing cancelled when it was time to start. I really can’t say why it was cancelled yet as there were enough players around (> 300 with a 30 minimum) – I wrote a mail to support, maybe they can enlighten me…


[…] After the cancelled tournament over Titan I decided to try my luck in my new favourite game, 7 stud H/L, over at Pokerstars and I gotta say the competition is good, maybe even too good for me today. Played three sessions: the first two at a 0.04$/0.08$ Limit table with a 0.01$ ante…see stats below: During current Stud H/L session you were dealt 72 hands and: – saw fourth street 50 times (69%) – saw fifth street 37 times (51%) – saw sixth street 30 times (41%) – reached showdown 20 times (27%) Pots won at showdown – 10 of 20 (50%) Pots won without showdown – 6 […]

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