Wednesday December 14th 2005, 11:30 pm
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Now I’m really annoyed with TitanPoker!!!

Support got back to me and told me that there were technical difficulties yesterday, so they offered to enter the players of yesterday’s cancelled tournament to the regular 16ET qualifier and the replacement qualifier at 17ET, sounds fine to me…but then the whole thing was messed up again.

The tournament at 16ET starts and I look down at K-K, All-In from MP, one caller…he shows 8-9h, board is blank…I double up in the first hand (3020), second hand is crap, third hand is A-A, I raise to 300..all fold…argh…up to 3040. The following hands are all crap so I fold. 15th hand of the night is A-Qh so I push reraised All-In, call, he shows 10-10, board is once again blank…down to 1772 chips. 23rd hand A-Jd, All-In one caller, he shows K-Qo, my ace holds up, up to 3384 in chips. No the tournament is frozen…but the time is running and the blinds rise and rise…support message pops up: they’re on it…oh well…how long can it take…a long time…about 30min later play resumes with a jump from level 3 (30/60) to level 6 (100/200)…a short-stack pushes from MP, I look down at A-5 not a major hand but I test him…all-in…he calls…9-9 which holds up…down to 800…great…ooh we’re on break for 5 minutes…a total of 31 hands played…great…I donkey off my last chips after the break to focus on the other tournament (which has already begun and I’m not really good at playing two tourneys at the same time)…so I make an early exit…great… 🙁 🙁 🙁

Stats of the night:

  • Players entered in 16ET: 324; Ingoal’s finish: 221
  • Players entered in 17ET: 420; Ingoal’s finish: 322

Two thumbs down for this whole thing…Titan is starting to annoy me beyond believe…I’m really thinking about cashing out…

Now the status for both those tournaments is interrupted/cancelled…maybe they’ll restart it or better reschedule it…I’ll wait for a support message I guess…

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