Sunday December 18th 2005, 5:12 am
Filed under: Casual Play,Omaha H/L,UltimateBet

Played some Omaha H/L (or Omaha 8b how they call it at UB). I thought playing the 0.01$/0.02$ Pot Limit tables would be a good idea – and after donking my first buy-in off it really was. After the rebuy I kept hitting some nice nice cards (A-A-A-2, A-A-2-3, etc) and scoop quite some pots as there was no low hand or mine was the nuts. Groovy…especially when you play Pot Limit and it’s obvious that there is no low hand and you hold the nuts flush (in this case As-Ks) – one player not only calling but reraising…hmm…call! He holds Js-Qs 🙂

Nice one…played for over an hour and went out with roughly +2x buyin…nice…and I’m on my way to clear my bonus, too. Ever so slowly, but at least steadily…

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