Sunday December 18th 2005, 10:35 pm
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Played two sessions of Omaha H/L 0.01$/0.02$ antes, Pot Limit. Things really went my way, especially in the first session (this afternoon), went out with +3x Buy-In 🙂

Things didn’t go all that smooth in the second session and I donked out 1.5x Buy-In, but at least I had fun and got some more UltimatePoints to clear my bonus.

Favourite hands (session 2):
Four Kings – was too slow to make a screenshot, but here’s the hand history:

Ingoal shows 9h 6s Ks Js.
Ingoal has Ks Js Kh Kd Kc: four kings (high).
Ingoal has no qualifying low hand.
Player2 mucks cards.
(Player2 has Ac As Td Qc.)

2. Four Jacks: – a picture says more than thousand words (although I only yell the usual ‘Dem Quads Beetches!’ 😉 )

Dem Quads beetches! - Click for bigger version

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