Tuesday December 20th 2005, 3:10 am
Filed under: Absolute Poker,Casual Play,Omaha H/L,Pot Limit

Donkey is what donkey do…played 0.05$/0.10$ Pot Limit Omaha H/L and how unlucky can you be? Pushers at the table you look down at hands like K-K-3-5, Q-Q-3-6, 10-10-4-4, K-K-6-6 and none of it comes through (neither high nor low)….then you hold the best hand at the time, unless another player would hold A-2…and sure enough he does…two buy-in down the drain…

Nontheless I’ll continue to try my luck over next few days as I just reread the terms & conditions for the sign-up bonus (200%) and they’re quite horrible – maybe I should have read them before depositing…1 point awarded in each .50$ raked hand (yeah right, I would need to gamboool for MAJOR cash to even see such rakes) or for a 1$ tournament fee…and yes, 100 = 10$…argh!)…so my solution is easy: either I go broke at AbsolutePoker or I reach the withdrawal threshold (50$)… – seems that going broke is the more likely possibility though 🙁

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