Donkeys Always Draw Invitational
Thursday December 29th 2005, 4:01 am
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So, as mentioned earlier on I played the Donkeys Always Draw Invitational over at PokerStars. What can I say, it’s really different to play NL with all the bloggers than playing at a regular table! There’s almost no limping or just calling the BB, but always a slight to huge raise out of various positions. I didn’t catch many cards so I folded most of the time and when I looked down at the first decent cards all night (A-Ko) on the button with 970chips left I decided that it was time…I pushed All-In as all folded to me, SB folds, BB (Pastmancer) calls and shows As-Js, no worries as the flop is: 4-9-7, turn brings a lovely 6, then the river bites me in the backside…yup the river was a J…and I’m out in 35th place 🙁

Now I could start to rant about outs and what not or call PokerStars Riverstars, but hey…it’s Poker, it can happen…although doubling up just prior to the first break would have been way nicer than to bust out after 53 minutes of play.

Side notes:

  1. never underestimate the power of the hammer (7-2o)…WillWonka kicked a fellow player in the nuts when he rivered the boat vs. pocket Queens
  2. Them Quads beetches! (penner42 – Alan screengrabbed it…I’ll post a link when I find it)
  3. Beware of the river suckout at any times, ask Garthmeister, he was kicked in the junk two times on the river…
  4. change100 won in the end…
  5. Read more over at TripJax, HighonPoker

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The hammer also cracked Aces last night, and I think Scott McMillan hit a 4 of a kind too. It was a wild time. Thanks for playing.

Comment by Jordan from HighOnPoker 12.29.05 @ 4:46 pm


Found your site from your comment on Jordans site High on Poker. Its good to see another poker blogger using wordpress instead of blogspot!! I am going to add you to my links section if you dont mind.

Comment by Kipper 12.29.05 @ 5:08 pm


Jordan: It was a pleasure to play, although the competition is really hard…I think we all know that there are way easier 10$ tournaments to play, but those blogger tournaments (whether it’s the WWdN series, Dr.Pauly’s tournaments or the new Donkey… series) are well worth the money as you’re almost guranteed to

  1. meet a lot of interesting people
  2. talk and play with “famous bloggers”
  3. learn something in the process

This is especially true for me as I’m always looking to improve my game and as I’m a relative newcomer to both the online poker world and the poker blogger circle 🙂
Kipper: go ahead…I’ll add you to my blogroll, too. I always enjoy reading (new or otherwise put) blogs (that I didn’t know before)…

As for the blogengine: yes, I prefer wordpress over any other blogengine, especially due to the fact that I’ve got no forced content of any kind that way…and tbh my dream would be for most poker bloggers to switch…and I’ve got a little secret project going to this effect (although it isn’t ready for launch yet)…

Comment by Ingoal 12.29.05 @ 5:30 pm


Oh I will be reading to see what this project is!! Good Luck!!

Comment by Kipper 12.29.05 @ 7:36 pm


Oh interesting …I forgot to mention. Did you see in WP 2.0 you can import blogspot? Very interesting I wonder how well it works.

Comment by Kipper 12.29.05 @ 7:44 pm


Yup, I’ve seen that…on another note: I even know the developer that wrote (most of the) TextPattern importer.

As for the project: thanks…watch this space, I’ll post about as soon as it’s ready for launch…

Comment by Ingoal 12.29.05 @ 7:53 pm


Just found your blog when I was Googling myself (of course!) I’ve seen you online a couple of times, and hope to see you tonight in the DADI Omalympics.

It’s always to see people telling bad beat stories (or at least alluding that they exist) on your behalf!

Comment by Garthmeister J. 01.11.06 @ 6:17 pm


Hey Garthmeister…as I already said on Jordan’s blog I’m in for sure! See you at the tables tonight (or tomorrow morning my time zone).

About the bad beat story: I thought it was newsworthy as I have yet to see anyone in the poker blogger tournaments to be sucked out brutally on the river twice (usually the first time will be good enough for elimination or cripple one to the effect that (s)he will exit in a “normal hand”)…

Comment by Ingoal 01.11.06 @ 6:24 pm

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