Donkeys Always Draw Invitational
Thursday December 29th 2005, 4:01 am
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So, as mentioned earlier on I played the Donkeys Always Draw Invitational over at PokerStars. What can I say, it’s really different to play NL with all the bloggers than playing at a regular table! There’s almost no limping or just calling the BB, but always a slight to huge raise out of various positions. I didn’t catch many cards so I folded most of the time and when I looked down at the first decent cards all night (A-Ko) on the button with 970chips left I decided that it was time…I pushed All-In as all folded to me, SB folds, BB (Pastmancer) calls and shows As-Js, no worries as the flop is: 4-9-7, turn brings a lovely 6, then the river bites me in the backside…yup the river was a J…and I’m out in 35th place 🙁

Now I could start to rant about outs and what not or call PokerStars Riverstars, but hey…it’s Poker, it can happen…although doubling up just prior to the first break would have been way nicer than to bust out after 53 minutes of play.

Side notes:

  1. never underestimate the power of the hammer (7-2o)…WillWonka kicked a fellow player in the nuts when he rivered the boat vs. pocket Queens
  2. Them Quads beetches! (penner42 – Alan screengrabbed it…I’ll post a link when I find it)
  3. Beware of the river suckout at any times, ask Garthmeister, he was kicked in the junk two times on the river…
  4. change100 won in the end…
  5. Read more over at TripJax, HighonPoker

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