Omaha H/L suckouts
Friday December 30th 2005, 1:38 am
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Sometimes you can do no wrong, other times you can do nothing but wrong. The latter happened to my in the last MTT over at PokerStars. The setup was similiar to my last Omaha H/L tourney at Stars: Buy-In 3$+0.30$ fee, 495 players entered, blind levels 15 minutes, this time top 45 in the money.

I took down some pots early on and kicked back into easy mode, before making some donkey moves within 3 hands – in the first hand I folded on the button after a raise and reraise in early position, I didn’t think my hand of 10-10-Q-2 would be any good as you are looking for possible high and low hands, what can I say…flop is 10-10-x…so I folded quads…great. In the following two hands I donked off a huge chunk of my stack when I bet into A-3 with my A-4…not a good idea. So I was in desperate position right before the first break (down to 800 chips with 100/200 limits, 50/100 blinds)…I took down a lovely pot when I rivered a set and was up to just under 2000 again as we headed into the first break.

Players remaining: 300, max: 10071, avg: 2475, me: 1928 (172/300). Right after the break I donked off some chips again and was soon stuck in desperate position again, but this time with 200/400 limits, 100/200 blinds. The end came slowly, in two hands, I look down at Ah-Qs-5s-2h and pushed UTG, some callers, flop is K-K-9…great…now I’m stuck in the BB with 200 odd chips left…All-In…and sure enough I hold the nuts flush on the turn, just to be sucked out by a river boat…argh!

Out in 203rd position… 🙁

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