WWdN Thursday: Poker and Jopkes
Friday December 30th 2005, 3:47 am
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I’m about to play the thurdays blogger tourney of Wil Wheaton. This is going to be the last one this year and my third poker blogger tourney in total so far (1x DrPauly (finished 42nd), 1x DADI (finished 35th), 1x WWdN) – and they have been totally -ev so far, but hey at least it’s a guaranteed good time 🙂 . I guess I better get myself a cup of coffee as it’s almost 4am already over here 😉

Update: I keep improving, not in the money though…finished 17th when my desperate All-In with pocket sixes was called by A-Q…the J-4-A-A-9 didn’t help me either 😉

Update #2: At least I lasted a little longer than some of my favourite bloggers (AlCantHang, DrPauly, CJ (Up4Poker), Iggy, etc), but I still made some crucial errors which basically setup my downfall:

  1. I played waaaaay too tight. I layed down some decent drawing hands (K-10, Q-J) as I didn’t want to commit myself too much to a pot – which is quite hard when there’s only about 1 out of 20 where you’ll get a free flop (just BB to call)…to prove that point I just need to look at the statistics (39 hands played and saw flop: a total of 15 times out of 139 (10%))…so I basically just played 10% of all hands I was dealt…that’s way too tight to succeed.
  2. I didn’t have much help on the board when I was in a pot…when you’re looking down at suited big slick (Ah-Kh) or suited As-Qs and the flop is J high or even lower on the second one, and no rainbow either and your opponent leads out with around half your stack, what are you supposed to do? Pray that (s)he’s got nothing on his/her hands, hope for the Ace to drop? It’s tough especially in a MTT…
  3. I didn’t play aggressive enough…Just have a look at 2., specifically in those two hands it probably wouldn’t even have come this far if I made a decent preflop raise, but no, I need to limp in…which comes back and bites me

All in all my best performance so far in any of the blogger tournaments I played in – ranking wise with 17th place. I’ve played better poker in prior blogger tournaments though and I’ve been a little bit luckier when it comes to starting hands, too (once again I held some pairs, J-J twice, 7-7, 4-4, but no Q-Q, K-K or A-A). So I guess I’ll be trying to apply some changes next time I play in a WWdN event or in the Omahatards event (whatever happens earlier) and we’ll see if I can make the final jump (reaching the final table).

Side note: I was really happy to find the host himself, Wil Wheaton, at my starting table. Now I can finally brag to my friends how I played with/against a Team PokerStars member, who’s also a famous actor (who doesn’t remember Wil as Gordie in “Stand by me” or even better as Wesley Crusher in my 2nd favourite Star Trek series TNG (sorry, but my favourite series is DS9))…wooohooo! 🙂

Wil and me at the starting table...

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