Donating to the donkey movement
Tuesday January 03rd 2006, 3:43 am
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So, I decided that I would end the night with some penny PL Omaha H/L over at PokerStars. Sometimes it’s just that you can’t get some people out of hands, even it Pot Limit. I can’t figure it out how you can call post-flop pot sized bets with nothing (besides a slim to none possibility that you catch your runner runner draw). Sigh. At least I know that it wasn’t my fault as I was entering the pots with the best hand (at least 2 out of 3 times)…donkey nation 1-0 Ingoal…So I donated one Buy-In to the world wide donkey movement, I wonder if I can deduct taxes on such a donation 😉

A little pic to illustrate my point: Never mess with the energizer donkey as he calls and calls and calls and calls….
Energizer donkey

Credit where credit is due: Image found at Bill’s Poker Blog, concept courtesy of fhwrdh.


Hey, saw your comment at Jordan’s blog. The tourney is PLOmaha8OB so you should be good to go.

See you there…

Comment by TripJax 01.03.06 @ 5:49 am


Yup, this should really rock – although the estimated starting time of 9pm ET = 3am my timezone is going to kill me…once again 😉

See you at the tables 🙂

Comment by Ingoal 01.03.06 @ 9:39 am


Haha good pic!!

Comment by Kipper 01.03.06 @ 3:41 pm