Sometimes late night play pays off
Tuesday January 03rd 2006, 3:02 am
Filed under: Absolute Poker,Casual Play,Omaha H/L,Pot Limit

Although I wanted to change one thing in the new year 2006, I just played another late night round as I’m not tired yet and what’s the point of going to be if you’re not tired?! 😉

So I sat down at a Pot Limit 0.10$ Omaha H/L table over at Absolute Poker which was fairly crowded. One thing was obvious: one player, let’s call him Mr. Bully, was raising every pot preflop. So the first chance I got with a decent hand I was in the middle of it…sure enough he caught his donkey runner runner flush draw and my first Buy-In was history.

I thought about leaving right then for a moment, but I thought “this can’t be happening”. So I rebought and reentered the game. I sat the for two hands and then I looked down at a beautiful Ad-2d-3c-5c…flop, turn and river were perfect…I held the nuts low (6-5-3-2-A) and high (2-3-4-5-6) and scooped the pot to almost quadruple up. Sure enough Mr. Bully busted out in the next hand against another player…serves him well for trying to take my chips :mrgreen:

I sat and folded the remainder of the orbit as I was happy for the time being…up 1.5x Buy-In…that put’s me above my initial deposit again…and so I’m up on all PokerRooms now 🙂

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