Pot-sized bets
Friday January 06th 2006, 3:09 am
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Do pot-sized bets threaten someone these days? It seems not! I just played a little Omaha H/L over at PokerStars and after donking off my first buy-in I was able to get it back within two hands. So good so far, but then donkey-mania struck again. I raise preflop three-callers…board is 10d-Jc-Kc – I hold the broadway with my Ah-Qh-7h-Ks, I lead out and bet the pot – one caller. Turn is 7d. I don’t think about it all that long and make another pot-sized bet – he calls. I keep wondering if he’s really after a flush draw or a straight draw. The river is the 3d and I don’t think about it all too long either as I think: If he was on a flush draw that should be a clubs-flush-draw?! Pot-sized bet…call…showdown: I show my broadway and sure enough the caller shows his diamond flush-draw….

Are you kidding? If he would have hit his clubs-flush draw I would have said: okies! But a diamond runner runner flush draw? He held 3 diamonds, 1 on the flop…so I can see that with 9 outs he calls…turn is a diamond…so 8 outs for the river, but what are the chances of consecutive diamonds?!?

I guess sometimes people will take chances and hit…that’s poker, but it’s annoying nontheless if someone calls you down to the river with only one chance – to hit runner runner cards of the same suit. Argh! That’s it for tonight…enough ranting…time to catch some sleep… 😉

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