First live play of the new year
Sunday January 15th 2006, 2:59 am
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So we meet up for a private home game today and decided to play No Limit Hold’em. We were 9 players and I was literally card dead most of the whole thing, so all I could do was make a move every now and then and wait for some better cards – and that never happened (I held one ace throughout the whole game (A-7) which didn’t connect on the board 🙁 ), so I went out early, which really was the first time in ages that I dropped out early. The play dragged on and I waited for the second game to start, but the current round just wouldn’t finish…until finally the bubble broke (top 3 payed) and the play was a little bit more aggressive, going back and forth.

After the round was finished I was eager to play the second round in which all but one player entered, so we were down to 8. I was able to pick up some blinds every now and then and got some good hands, too (10-10, J-J, K-Q (which held up!), …). When it was time for the bubble (top two payed this time) the player UTG just called the BB, the SB went all-in…I’m in the BB and look down at 6-6…and I ponder if it’s worth to gamble at this momemt (I was the slight chipleader), I opted to fold…the player UTG call and we had our showdown…Qc-7c (SB) vs. K-x (UTG) the rag card connected and we were down to heads up.

A little back and forth…I was up maybe 60/40 in chips and pickup Qd-3d, I raise 4xBB…the BB calls. The board is a beautiful Q-3-5 rainbow and I check, trying to sandbag my opponent, after all I’ve got top pair + bottom pair. My opponent checks right behind me, so I thought that he was probably holding a King and something, I move all in after the turn comes down 7, he ponders and calls – yes! He shows the anticipated K-5. So it’s my two pairs (Queens and threes) vs. his pair of fives…the only card that can help him is another King on the river…but that never happens as the river comes down Jh. Yes! Finally a real life victory again after a long drought (I was one of the last 3 players and mostly even heads up for the last 7 out of 10 times, including today, but my last victory was some months ago)…

Sidenote#1: Although I still consider myself one of the best players, if not even the best, at our homegames, but ever since we started to play No Limit the balance of power has slightly shifted – after all an All-In bet is really a great equalizer, especially if you can’t put your opponent on something at any time…

Sidenote#2: I’m now up 7+ Buy-Ins at our homegames which is nice! 🙂

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