Changing levels…
Friday January 20th 2006, 2:35 am
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…can be fun, but it can hurt, too.

So, I decided that it would be a good idea to change levels in Omaha H/L, after all I grinded out +100% (not quite 100% if you count the earned bonus, substracting the bonus it would be more like 90%) in the 0.01$/0.02$ PL Omaha H/L ring games.

The jump to the next level is a little bit big though as the next available PL Omaha H/L level at UB is 0.10$/0.25$ and as you can imagine that is quite a difference to pennies. Combine that with a (bad) run of cards and you’re out of the “hard earned” money quite quickly. I played three sessions today and finished two of them down, one even. So I’m out of 2 Buy-Ins (20BB each) and second guessing myself. On the other hand a step up in levels is inevitable as the daily grind in the penny sections is not only sucking the life out of you, but it also doesn’t get you anywhere (at least not fast or quickly).

So I guess I’m giving it another shot tomorrow and we’ll see how that plays out, we all know that swings in poker are normal, but the effects are bigger the higher you go in terms of blinds.

My plan is going to be:

  1. Play the normal tight style that brought me this far in the pennies.
  2. Stop playing this levels if (-100x BB)
  3. Step up a level if (+200x BB)

I’ll keep you posted…

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