Saturday January 21st 2006, 11:03 pm
Filed under: Omaha H/L,PokerStars,Pot Limit,S&G

The 3$ + 0.40$ PL Omaha H/L SnGs really seem to be beatable, just played one and went out in 2nd without any hassle. I guess I shall hit them hard the next few days and see how things work out – this could really be something goooood 🙂

Update: Played a second one and finished 6th – turbo doesn’t do you good when you’re card dead. Nontheless it seems that this is the way to go as most donkeys are pushing the envelope even with something like the third best low etc…unbelievable…I guess I’ll try to multi-table these bad boys for the next few days and have a lookie once I played a dozen or so how things are looking….

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