WWdN #12 – The OzCDN Invitational
Wednesday January 25th 2006, 2:45 pm
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Once again it was time for the weekly WWdN and this time I even remembered that it was indeed already Tuesday again and that the WWdN would take place at the lovely starting time of 20:30 ET (= 02:30am in lovely GMT+1 land). I hesitated just a little before signing up as there were already MANY people signed up and I feared that this one was going to go on for a long time, but this “fear” wasn’t necessary as we shall see later on.

I sat down in the #3 seat on table 4 and only recognized Wes who was sitting in seat #6, said hi and gl to all and cards were in the air. Nothing exciting through the first orbit, but then it happened, the deck was on fire, literally! 😉 I got nice cards and the board matched them (6-6, flop 6-10-x; 10-10, flop 10-x-x; 9-9, flop 9-K-3, turn 3; etc) and the others kept betting into me until the realized that I really had an insane run of cards and it would be best to check in front of me. That’s when I got the first higher pocket pairs (J-J, Q-Q) which brought me the whooping SB+BB, yeehaw. One of the more interesting hands followed, I look down at A-A (on another note: the first in ages) and make it the standard 4xBB to go, only Wes calls. Flop comes down Kc 8d Kh, rainbow nontheless a little scary, I’m going to check it and wait what Wes does, sure enough he fires a shell (150), but does he really have a king? I don’t think so, but I only call, maybe the turn will bring me my boat…nope, no boat, the turn is: Jd. I check again, he checks right behind me and now I think I know I’m good, the river is a lovely 3h so no flush or straight draws after all. I fire out 180 and Wes calls…my A-A hold up. I pick up some more blinds along the way and find myself in a comfortable position of interim second with 4500k.

Most memorable hand of the first hour is the start of my downfall: I get dealt K-K, short stack in front of me pushes All-In (around 470 with BB150), I call – now this is questionable, the right move would have been to go over the top to isolate him, but as we will see as the hand unfolds I would have lost one way or another – one other caller who was commited from early position. The flop is scary for me as it is Qh-Kh-9h, I go into the tank and think and check. He bets out his remaining stack (1k). Now do I really put him on 2 hearts? Not really and I can’t and won’t laydown trip Kings. I call and sure enough he’s on a draw with A-xo the ace is the Ah though…the short-stack shows 5h-5c so he’s beat both ways…the turn is: sure enough a heart, argh! I think I made the correct play, although if I had raise All-In preflop, maybe, and this is a big maybe as this guy was catching and catching and hence calling and raising all the time anyway, I would have only lost the 600 something vs. the 5er heart flush…who knows. So I’m down to 2840 right before the first break.

First break:

  1. 45 players remaining (hi: 6615, avg: 2600)
  2. hands played: 82
  3. showdown: 3 of 4 (see the KK above)
  4. pots won without showdown: 7

After the break the tables turned a little on me and I was literally card dead. I guess my early stage run of cards hit the other side of the table as “RandomSam” stomped all over the table winning draw after draw (he really stuck to CJ mojo: 1. get in behind 2. suckout), until he ran into Drizz and another player in consecutive hands to bust out – ouch. I was then moved to a new table and was in a desperate position, either blind out slowly or try to get something going. I tried the latter and was able to steal some bets, before busting out in 28th:

I hold K-Js, I call flop comes J-Q-x, I bet out he raises…hmm…tank time…I’m committed with 1/3 of my stack, should I risk it here? The voice in my head says: don’t be a pussy, he’s trying to push you out! So I listen and push All-In, just to be insta-called by A-A…ouch…damn “Tiltboys style voice” in my head…

Enter the sidegame: Joanne setup a O8 PL table and I played a few orbits:

sidegame wwdn 12

..but after donking of some chips and winning them back, I realized that it was already to early and my head wasn’t ready to play O8 at almost 5am. So I logged off and went to bed…aaaah sleep.

The final result is here:
Final Result

As you see Gracie, Garth and Drizz all made it to the final table, woot! I’m looking forward to read a FT recap 🙂

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