A win, a win, finally a win again
Monday January 30th 2006, 2:19 am
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I continued my “SnG challenge” at PokerStars tonight. I came back from playing Skat all night (a card game, if you’re not familiar with it read more about at wikipedia) and winning an unusual amount of money (which I didn’t collect as I “donated” it to the drinks pool as I hadn’t payed anything for my drinks in a while) so I felt good – and indeed the cards started to fall my way early on, then I bubbled 🙁

I thought I couldn’t end a successful night on such a low note, so I played another one and came out on top. Sweet! sng win

So the current standings are (PL Omaha H/L / NL HE; both 3$+0.40$ SnG):

  1. SnGs played: 6 / 2
  2. ITM: 2 (1st + 2nd) / 0
  3. Amount won/lost: 0.2$ / -6.80$

Summary: so far I’ve been losing some, but I guess I will push it a little and play some of them continously now and see how it goes…

On another note: I didn’t forget about the weekly poll, but it’s already early and WordPress inline editing + dpolls-iframe-solution seems to not mix up too well (that’s why some of you might have not been able to vote or see the results, apart from the fact that this thing is breaking my valid and accessible xhtml format…) – so I will try to find a solution tomorrow (probably and “external” (outside of WordPress) html file containing the poll)!

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