Bubble boy and winner
Tuesday January 31st 2006, 1:55 am
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Played only two SnG today. The first one was the usual PL Omaha H/L and I bubbled, out of my own stupidity. We’re down to four players (3 ITM), I’m the SB, shortest stack is BB and almost All-In (40T$ left). The two huge stacks call, I decide to push the BB All-In, bad idea as it put me all in and he wisely folded hoping for me to bust out – which I did. Argh! The correct move would have been to fold and watch him either be pushed all-in by the others post-flop, or see him be all-in in the next hand (after all I would have been the button and he the SB), but no…I decide to do the donkey and bubble… 🙁

After this stupidity move I was steaming inside, nontheless I decided to give it another shot, this time at NL HE though. This really payed off as I won the thing. I didn’t get all that many cards, but if I did I could do (almost) no wrong. The BB special was especially nice…all limpers at the table so I only saw the flop in the BB in the first 3 orbits, and I won all those hands 🙂

Then I went ahead and busted a player out and when we were down to 5 players I busted two players out at the same time, so welcome ITM. The rest is a blur, but I did good and won. Nice. Donkeys 1 – Ingoal 1 🙂

sng win screenshot

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