Two SnGs and an evening with Waffles
Saturday February 04th 2006, 4:09 am
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Just played two small SnGs at UB today, nothing news-worthy…1 cash…1 bust.

After coming back from footie training in the freezing cold and having a few at a club, I logged onto Stars to find a lovely 3$ NL HE MTT…and Waffles was playing too…I didn’t check the player ranks, but he was transferred to my table, but I was moved to another table before we even played a hand. So I fire up Yahoo and the nice part of the tourney began, chatting it up and all. We agreed to switch 10%, which in the end amounted to virtually nothing…too bad we couldn’t get closer to the final table…

(No long hand descriptions here, just two noteworthy hands: early on I look down at JJ on the button, EP raises it up to 6xBB, Cutoff reraises to 12xBB…what to do what to do…I put at least one of them (EP) on either AA or KK…so I fold…EP shows KK…Cutoff shows AA…now guess what the board brought onto them….x-x-J-x-x, argh! That would have been a really nice pot, but without knowing the flop it was a correct play IMO. My last hand: I’m desperately short-stacked and look down a 10-10 in the SB…two limpers…I push…1 caller…he shows A-J…board is blank…until I can virtually feel how the final card is peeling itself off the deck….yeah, you guessed it….sigh….)

So I finshed 257th…Waffles busted out shortly after me in 149th….out of 2347…so not a bad showing…

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