Bad day with some nice twists…
Monday February 06th 2006, 1:49 am
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Went on a good run of bad luck early on today. It was so bad it was starting to get funny again. Ever had a time where you were in the wrong place at the right time, all the time? That’s what my SnG and MTT play in the first three attempts was like. Played the Turbo NL SnG (3+0.40), sure enough I push with 10-10 on the button, just to be called by J-J…we both don’t improve and I’m cripple…add another bad timing to it and I’m out in 8th of 10 (I push again with 9-9 this time in LP) and get called by BB, he shows 10-10…you know the drill, no help…

After that I was slightly on tilt and questioning the poker gods, so what can you do? Right, make up for the loss and play a 6+0.50 NL HE Turbo…I dub this one the A-x is the new nuts…nothing more to say about it 😉

Then I go ahead and play a nice NL HE MTT (3+0.30) and I don’t get many playable hands…so after the first break I’m still kind of short-stacked, but not really in need to force things. I pick up some small pots and then I look down at A-K sooted, sure enough my push on the 2-2-4 gets a caller and he shows A-A…what did I say about bad timing earlier on?

Just finished playing my last game for the night, another 3+0.30 SnG. This was the total opposite of the first SnGs or the MTT for that matter. Didn’t get many hands, so I stuck to my tight play and waited for the fun to arrive. It did when we were down to six handed. I look down and find Ad-Ac, w00t…I raise preflop and find a 4-5-2 all clubs, the SB bets I call…the turn brings me the nuts…another club hits the board and it’s the 3c..straight flush, baby!
straight flush

Two hands after that I got bullets again and pick up another nice pot and we’re in the money. bullets

I donk off some chips before we’re down to heads up – and I’m 1:2 in chips. Sure enough I win a big pot early on in heads up and we’re back to even…a few hands later I’m all-in with Kd-9d he shows K-10 which wins with a 10 on the board…so two bullets and one straight flush wasn’t enough to win the thing…tells you that today isn’t my lucky day 😉

Alrighty…enough poker for the day…off to watch the rest of the Superbowl…

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