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Monday February 06th 2006, 9:19 pm
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Hmm…last week’s poll didn’t really get a lot of votes (a grand total of only 4)…the result (PokerStars 2, FullTilt 1, PartyPoker 1) along with the new Poll of the week (What’s your best game?) can be found here.

I voted Stud 8b…it’s not that I’m bad at Omaha 8b or NL/PL/Limit Hold’em, but the analytical part of Stud 8b (or H/L) just makes me think that it’s my best game. What’s your’s? Feel free to elaborate in the comments…


I voted for NL Hold’em, as both varieties (cash and tourney) are probably my best game.

Having said that… I do love me some PLO8 on the cash tables. My theory is that a) it’s fun, and b) I think that though I am worse at PLO8 than NLHE, I am better than the average person at PLO8 than I am than NLHE.

Does that make sense? No? OK then.

Comment by Garthmeister J. 02.07.06 @ 1:03 am


Hehe…kind of makes sense. I love PLO8, too – but it’s sometimes hard to play it over a long period of time. It really puts you to the test and has a tilt (or at least annoyance factor) of (NL*2)^x – I guess everyone (or at least most ppl) are aware that PLO8 sometimes is all about draw and redraw…so it’s quite natural that you suffer more defeats (which would count as a bad beat in HE)…at least that’s my experience…PLO8 is way easier to take though as Limit O8b (at least you can try to push drawing donkeys out of the way with pot sized bets)…

Comment by Ingoal 02.07.06 @ 12:36 pm