Day and night
Thursday February 09th 2006, 2:24 am
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Two totally different sessions today – day session: w00t, night session: argh!

I guess I shouldn’t have played the night session, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I started the day with some SnG action. One NL HE which was totally -ev and two PLO8 ones which were totally cha-ching! Finished 8/10 in the NL HE one, 1st (woot) and 2nd in the PLO8 ones. The 2nd place finish was sort of unlucky two. We’re about even in chips and I hold A-Q-J-10, not a particular groovy Omaha H/L hand as there’s no chance to get the low pot, but after all you need to qualify first for it, so let’s see a flop which comes down K-8-10 rainbow…hmm…nothing much so far but a pair of tens, but it seems that there’s going to be no low…so let’s start the action, I fire out the pot-sized bet and he reraises All-In…hmm…whatever…call…(I’ve got him covered by the huge amount of 48T$)…he shows K-8-A-x…fair enough…he’s in the lead, but I’ve got outs (four nines, three tens, two aces…etc)…sure enough turn and river are blank. Too bad, but I can’t complain….one 1st, one 2nd out of 3 SnGs. I leave to go to footie training and once I return I want to continue the run. No joy though as I bust out early in 3 PLO8s…

Evaluation: It helps if you stick to playing solid hands (any combination of a 3 wheel card hand (best including A-2, but sometimes A-3-4 etc will do), but there’s still some situation where you can’t limit your play to that (apart from the fact that you’re in no man’s land when three faces show up). So I’ve seen the joy of losing set over set etc more than once….but hey…it happens.

Note to self: There’s been a quite drastic difference between the day session’s players and the night session’s players (day: loose, night: tight)…a coincidence? Maybe, but I’m sure as hell trying to get back some dough tomorrow morning 😉

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