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Tuesday February 14th 2006, 1:05 am
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Because I was running late tonight and missed the usual 17ET 1$ tourney on FTP, I played a 4$+0.40$ token satellite. Winner gets a 26$ token and runner up gets 10$. Seems like a good deal with a 9 player table.

I was playing my usual tight game and was starting to get short-stacked. Just in time my pocket threes turned into a monster:

dem quad 3s

Dem quads beetches! Nice one. After that I pushed from the button with 4-4, 3xBB sort of stealing blinds, when the SB decides to push all-in…now I’m faced with a decision…probably racing for 1200 more….or let him have the 600 + blinds…I decided to call and to my surprise he shows 3-3…he never improved and we’re done to 3 handed. Hero: chip leader, 2nd player around 500chips down and a short stack…Opponent takes him out in the next hand and we’re heads up for the token:

heads up

Bad thing though as I push from the button in the 3rd hand. I hold AJo and opponent decides that calling an all-in is a good option with JTo instead of letting the 400 go…sure enough flop is T-7-7 and I never improve…argh! Nontheless I’m satisfied with my performance and I guess I’ll give it another shot tomorrow…

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