Bubble plus one
Thursday February 23rd 2006, 2:57 am
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Nothing much to report today – with the dentist appointment today (he repaired three teeth in one session, yummy) and exams approaching I only play one MTT. Despite finishing as bubble boy + one I had fun playing for over 2 hours and broke the suckout-cycle.

After getting sucked out on time and time again I thought it was time to turn this thing around. Early in the tournament I felt that KdQd was good enough to push on a 10 high flop with 2 diamonds…two callers….no diamond on the turn…no diamond on the river…still I won…I was up against 88 and AQo and I spike the King on the river to push me up to 5.6k (average at that point was 1.8k)! Now I know how all the donks, who usually suck out on me, feel 😉

Played my usual tight game after that and ran into the same problem as usual: getting short stacked when it comes to the bubble. There’s some things to be learned here though – I just noticed tonight. I have to loosen up at or prior to the bubble and not just a little, but a lot. I just play to tight and if I don’t catch a decent starting hand (didn’t hold any pair higher than 5 tonight, AQ once and AJ once) I’m in a tight spot. The blinds are usually so high at that point that my All-In push with two decent cards are no scare to anyone anymore…hence it’s inevitable that I get called at least by one player who usually has me dominated.

So, note to self: even if it’s boring, review hand histories of recent MTT and analyze which hand selection should be the “bread and butter” during that phase of the tourney.

bubble plus one

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Once you get into the second/third hour, if you’re not getting cards but you’re also not stealing the blinds at least once per orbit, then you’re going to end up short stacked when you hit the money. Ideally, you want to steal the blinds around five times for every four orbits, so that you’re at least still building your stack. That way, even if you’re card dead, you can still be surviving in the tourney.

Comment by kaellinn18 02.23.06 @ 9:47 pm


Sounds theoretically correct, but practically it can be hard to accomplish sometimes:

The basic concepts of stealing blinds is that you don’t get called and hence it’s favourable if you try the standard steal (CU or OTB), but sometimes this doesn’t work (i.e. last night early positions, mostly big stacks, called and or raised the blinds all the time, so if I wanted to steal I had to commit at least ~ 8xBB (which would have been 90-95% of my stack)…so basically putting me automatically All-In which can’t be considered a steal)…

Sidenote: Can it be a coincidence that I’m seated at the same table as the chipleader all the time? I mean it’s quite normal that you’re sitting with one of the chipleaders in later stages as there aren’t that many tables left, but not really normal in the early stages (example from yesterday’s tourney: first table…some players eliminated, 1st and 3rd in chips are transferred to my table…shortly thereafter I get transferred…shortly thereafter 1st in chips joins my table again, etc etc). This doesn’t help the “building your stack” concept either – big stack doesn’t mean that it’ll automatically hurt you, but more often then not it will as you 3-4xBB raises are peanuts to him/her…

Comment by Ingoal 02.23.06 @ 10:00 pm

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