Double Stack 6k guarantee
Wednesday March 01st 2006, 12:26 am
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Tonight brought the opportunity to put my hard earned 26$ token to use. I entered the Double Stack 6k guarantee tourney at 14ET. I didn’t take proper notes, so no real play for play, but let’s just say that the double stack start with a normal blind structure really helps my tight game. So I was able to pick my spots and hovered in the top 50 for most of the time. One particular hand was news-worthy though, I cracked Aces with pocket 6s, all the money went in after the flop, initiated by the guy holding pocket 4s (poor guy) reraised by me and called by Mr. Aces (even poorer guy):

cracked aces

In the second hour I was joined by “Scary Lady“.

scary lady

Nice. At the second break we were still at the same table and doing fine. I don’t remember exactly when Joanne went out, but she was rather card dead and becoming shortstacked quickly…so she busted out in 43rd – 16 from the money. Shoot, I would have loved to play with her at the Final Table. Moving on…in the third hour I made an almost critical error which caused me half my stack: I chased…in my defense: after the flop I had outs and his min-raises didn’t suggest he had the flush or an Ace for that matter…I should have known better, but what can you do when the “he doesn’t have the ace”-bug bites you?

Kings no good

So I was facing elimination with the bubble approaching, lucky enough I caught some decent cards to make the money. Up and down afterwards, but never able to get ahead of the massive blinds and antes (1500/3000, 400 ante)…so I went out in 13th place.

13th place

Just one spot from the next payment level, so I won a whooping $66,96. I gotta say I love this tournament structure and all, but roughly 67$ for a finish 4 from the final table (playing roughly 3.5h)? You gotta be kidding me. I mean the final table combined pays 85.6% of the price pool (279 players entered, so the price pool is 6.696$) – nice if you’re sitting there, but not if you bust shortly before it starts (especially if you’re considering the 26$ buyin).

But hey…I played my A-game and the final table was in reach, so no need to bitch and moan 😉 Next step: get my hands on some more tokens! 🙂

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