Token Baby Part 2 and Waffles Tilt Fest
Thursday March 02nd 2006, 2:34 am
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After spending the whole day revising for my first uni exam of the semester (in a series of 4 exams which are my last ones at uni, yeah!) I thought to test the waters of the two table token SnGs again (6$+0.60$, top 4 get a token, 5th gets 4 bucks back). After logging into FTP I check the HE tables first and saw that Mike Matusow was really 4 tabling – 2 full tables, 2 short handed all $10/$20 NL…he was joined by other pros (David Singer and John Juanda)…cool stuff…above my current limit though:

mike matusow

After watching for a while I jumped into a token satellite and I don’t know what it is, but I’m running good atm. Not so much when it comes to card luck, at least not more than usual, but in the way I play. Maybe it’s my reassessment of some aspects of my game and my better understanding of some (crucial) aspects of the game in different settings (including but not limited to: 1. Trust instincts, period. 2. Loosen up just enough to not blind myself down all the time in MTTs/SnGs 3. Switch gears, especially in faster games (SnGs)…etc etc). Whatever it is, it works. No boring hand histories or bad beat stories this time, just some facts and one interesting hand. Most interesting hand of the night: I look down at QQ in the SB…BB+2 pops it up to 2xBB…button calls…I cold call as BB+2 is a maniac and button is a total rock (so that might be KK/AA there)…BB folds…so we’re three handed and looking at a AA7 flop…check all around…turn is another 7…I check…maniac checks…rock on the button bets 800…now I trust my instincts here and lay it down…maniac cold calls…hmm…this is interesting…we’ll see why…river is a J…maniac checks…rock on the button bets another 1k…maniac cold calls (probably feared an Ace too)…showdown…see below…interesting to see three big pocket pairs (JJ+QQ+KK) + AA on the flop in a single hand…crazy…

JJ vs QQ vs KK

Second interesting hand (without a screenshot), we’re still sitting 6 handed, I’m 4th in chips and look down at 99 in the SB…folded around to me…I pop it up to 900 (3x BB), BB calls…flop comes down 9-J-x, I check…BB checks…hmm…turn comes another blank I check…BB pushes All-In…I had a feeling that my trips was good there…call for all my chips (he has me covered by over 2k)…he shows A-x…river brings his Ace, but no help and I double up…I’m in the chiplead and cruise into the money (or the tokens ;-))…cool. So I’m 1/2 since winning my last token. Nice!


Now to the latest pimpage: like you might have already read on veneno’s blog or on waffles’ blog itself…Waffles birthday is approaching, so there will be a tourney at Full Tilt Poker in his honor. See the following banner for all the infos…


Apart from the usual NL HE fun with all your favourite bloggers there will be added excitement as there will be bounties and all – I already told Waffles that I’m going to offer a bounty on my head, too. Just need to think of something…so…be there or be square!!!

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