Can’t my aces be good, please!
Friday March 10th 2006, 1:20 am
Filed under: Casual Play,Full Tilt Poker,No-Limit Hold'em

What can I say. I’m pretty much speechless. Dropped around 10$ playing .10/.25 in the first session, not much I could do, believed my hands were good and they mostly weren’t. Too bad…sometimes TPTK just isn’t enough. All good there.

Then I start to play the second session tonight and there’s nothing going my way: either I miss the flop (most of the times), or I hit the nuts (flopped boat with a nice flush draw on board) and don’t get payed off despite slowplaying. Just as I’m about to wrap things up I look down at AsAc – alrighty, one more orbit won’t hurt (how wrong you can be about a sentence like this follows)…the orbit is one hand in length…buyin goes in the middle and I get kicked in the nuts…once again. It’s tough to see Aces cracked yet again 🙁
cracked aces

I guess in the long run variance, the old beetch, will smoothen such nut-kickings, but in a situation like this it’s hard to believe (and looking back at my not so complete statistics – I guess I should get something like PokerTracker – I’m now officially something like 3/10 to win AA)…

So that’s the session on FTP for tonight, time to stop the bleeding (21% of the bankroll over the last four days) as nothing good will come off additional play on FTP tonight…maybe it’s time to play some on PokerStars to chill out…

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