DADI IV results
Tuesday March 14th 2006, 5:26 am
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It’s early so recap has to wait until later…time to catch some sleep (short summary: after 2h 25min of good poker I busted out in 5th of 57…final table ITM…so cha-ching 😉 )

Edit: Started the tourney on an event more shorthanded table than expected, Table 5 featured…

Seat 1: empty, Seat 2: Slimeface, Seat 3: Me, Myself and I, Seat 4: Gracie, Seat 5: hoyazo, Seat 6: presdlee. We were joined by some other players including one of the hosts (Tripjax), surflexus and others (sorry, didn’t really take notes).

My first table

After quite some back and forth at the table and my chip count bouncing anywhere from to 1.500 I was moved to table 6 just prior to the first break. I was hovering in the top 20 for most of the time with the peak at around 7th place until the 2nd break when we were approaching bubble time. One thing’s for sure: it’s weird to play hand for hand when there are 4 players at one table and 3 at the other (after all the final table can only have 6 participants), especially when you’re in the bubble spot! After some orbits the bubble finally broke as lifesagrind busted out Blinders when he won the coinflip (AK vs 44).

W00t, final table of a blogger tourney, again (that’s one WWdN and one DADI final table appearance now).

Final table DADI IV

As you can see in the pic above I was pretty shortstacked compared to almost all players at the table, especially to lifesagrind. Nontheless I was able to double up early when my pocket 7s held up, so I could sneak up one place, before busting out in 5th place (me: K8 vs dnasty13: 77…no help for me). I’m really satisfied with my performance though. Right after busting out I said my goodbyes and went off to bed, after all it was past 5am, yikes.

I hope that someone will shed some light on the story behind lifesagrind’s demise (from over 40k chips to out in 3rd place)! Congrats to bdidde who crowned himself the DADI IV Champion! Here are the final standings:

Final standings DADI IV

Final words and thoughts:

  1. I didn’t hold AA or KK in the whole tourney
  2. I did hold QQ four times, won 3 of ’em
  3. Won two coinflips when I needed them (AdKd vs 44 and 77 vs A10), didn’t play any other coinflips, at least not for a substantial amount of chips
  4. Rediscovered the love for shorthanded play. It just rocks and the whole concept of playing a little bit more loose than normal works for me, as I’m usually a little bit too tight…
  5. I had fun for almost 2.5h! That’s the most important fact…
  6. Once again: thanks to TripJax and Jordan for hosting yet another great tourney! I’m looking to see what you can come up with for DADI V (hint: maybe Stud, Stud H/L or Razz?! 😉 )…One thing’s for sure: I’ll be there!

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