No online poker today
Saturday March 18th 2006, 6:48 pm
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I’m about to head out to the home game in a bit, should be fun like always, so no online poker for me today. Let’s see how many people will come out tonight, I guess it’ll be anywhere between 8 and 18. Wish me luck…

Edit: Nice turnout tonight, 13 players entered the main game (tournament style)…was able to hold my own as usual and in a critical situation I was able to bust some balls. As there were 13 players we split the game to two tables. I was sitting at the table with 7 players and we were down to 5 handed (we decided that 3 players from each table would be at the final table): the blinds are pretty massive at the time and one shortstack calls the BB, I push over the top all in (“only” around 4xBB) with 3 players yet to act…two more callers….shortstack calls too…so we’re in a four-way pot with three players all-in (including me)…we show: AJo (me) vs 44 (shortstack in LP) vs JJ (bigstack in EP) vs K7s (shorstack #2 in EP)…flop comes down 88x, turn is a beautiful ace and I almost quadruple up, busting two players in the process – so the final table can start.

In the beginning we all counted our chips and I’m in 2nd chip position…that changes rather quickly as I lose a big pot with top pair to a low two pair hand. Then I look down at Qh10h in LP…two limpers, so I decide to push (4x BB)…one caller who shows A5o….sure enough there’s an Ace on the flop and IGHN. So, once again at the final table, but not ITM (top 4 ITM)…nontheless a great evening of good poker!

Sidenote: Best hand shown tonight: four of a kind 4s…”best hand” of the evening has got to goto the final hand of the sidegame (heads up) though – I didn’t play as the sidegame was paralllel to the final table – player in the SB pushes All In, BB ponders and calls…SB shows AdKd, BB shows Jd7d…wow…flop comes down Jh-8d-5d, turn: Jc, river: 7h…wow…what a hand…

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