180SnG – the cheap version
Tuesday March 21st 2006, 5:41 pm
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After I heard about the new “cheap version” of Stars’ 180SnG (4$ + 0.40$) I thought I’d give it a shot. Nothing spectacular to report…half-way through the first hour I flop TPTK, turn is blank and my opponent fires…I ponder and think that there are basically four possibilities:

  1. He’s trying to buy the pot
  2. He’s holding two pairs
  3. He’s holding a small set and is afraid of being outdrawn on the river
  4. He’s trying to make me think that 1. is true

2. Is possible, but I don’t think so…3. Doesn’t make much sense either, why would you overbet the pot so much? …so I think it’s 1. and I call his push (he has me covered)….as he flips his pocket sixes to match the flopped 6 I see that it’s a mixture of 3. and 4. – nicely play, dastard! 😉 Out in 111th…


Glad to hear they now have the cheap 180’s…thanks!

Comment by TripJax 03.21.06 @ 10:42 pm


And condolences regarding your loss of money and 111th finish. I know that money meant a lot to you.

Comment by TripJax 03.21.06 @ 10:43 pm


*lol* …yeah, I almost cried when I lost those 4 bucks 😉

Comment by Ingoal 03.21.06 @ 10:48 pm


I’ve been looking for the $4 180’s…I don’t see them. What am I missing?

Comment by TripJaX 03.22.06 @ 1:53 am


Well, I forgot to mention that they’re only running during the day (I can’t remember the exact times, but I think the last ones start at 5pm ET – which fits my timezone (+6) quite nicely…afternoon/early evening fun)…

Comment by Ingoal 03.22.06 @ 2:37 am


Damn…I’m gonna have to quit my job…

Comment by TripJaX 03.22.06 @ 4:09 am