HUC3 – Round 1…try two
Friday March 24th 2006, 4:31 am
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So, as the late brackets didn’t fill up in time, I jumped at the chance to play in the TiltMonsters bracket (Veneno, Jordan and Papi Justify). The first matchups were Veneno vs Jordan and Papi Justify vs Me. I took an early lead with some nice flops, but in the end couldn’t hold on as there’s not much point in hangin in pots where you missed everything and holding on to a x high (x < 10). The end came when my 5s6s ran into slowplayed AsKs on a 3 spade flop....damn! Out in 3rd as Jordan had already eliminated the commish herself, Veneno....So that's the HUC3 for me....dang....way to least it wasn't all that expensive...wait, it was (15$ for the pool, 11$ for the early hiccup tourney, 10.75$ for the real deal)...ah least I participated!!! I'm looking forward to the rest of the matches, as a railbird. Sidenote: Jordan lost to Papi Justify too....he will advance to round two. Congrats! Played in the HUC3 - Lounge game afterwards and promptly busted out just isn't my day...with that said: almost 5am again...yikes...time to get some sleep... Edit: Just received a mail from FullTilt Support…11 bucks have been credited to my account…nice…I guess that’s for the early HUC3-hiccup-match?! No comment about who initiated the transfer in the mail, so I’m wondering if that’s directly from FTP?

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