PS 180SnG the cheap version – Try 2
Sunday March 26th 2006, 5:45 pm
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So, I gave the 4$ 180SnG on Stars another whirl and I cashed. 17th / 180….so nothing major (just under doubled the buyin), not really +ev for 2.5h of poker, but at least I play some good poker again. Early on people (aka Donkeys) bet every flop and sometimes you just got to trust your gut feeling (e.g. the first time I was All-In was holding AhJh on a flop with all cards lower than ten…some donkey pushed and I was sure that I was ahead…call…he shows KJo (aka “the donkey”) – wtf?). Picked my spots after that and was hovering around twice the average at all times (peak: 4th avg: 6th-12th). Then just at the bubble I sealed my finish.

Situation: BIG stack raises every hand and is successful with it as all the other players are shorstacks and I don’t get any cards higher than 8 for 1.5 orbits, this time I reraise to 6xBB with AQo though, all fold…he calls…board is all undercards…check…bet…call…turn is another undercard…so the board is all rags…he pushes…now at this point I’ve commited around half my stack…up: I think he might be holding overcards too; down: he might as well hold Ax, Kx, Qx…so chances are high that his kicker is playing….I fold…now I’m stuck in the nirvana of mediocrity with just under 7k in chips (top 10 all > 20k)…so I decide to fold into the money and take it from there…success and I’m at the final two tables…third hand: I hold 8d5d in the BB three limpers, I check…flop comes down 6d-6c-5h rainbow…I bet 1200…call call….turn is Kd…I bet 1200 again….push fold…action on me…now I’m sure that he holds Kx, but I’m desperate and 11 outs (9 diamonds and two fives) justify the call…if it hits I’m back in the race, if not I’m out….K on the river seals my fate…

itm stars 180sng

I guess I’m going to play those cheapos a little bit over the next few weeks…a final table cash (especially top 3) would really help my bruised bankroll at Stars…

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