Why oh why does Stars hate me…lol…no really!
Monday March 27th 2006, 1:31 am
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Tried a three-table 5$ SnG to finish of the day of playing poker and it all came down to my beloved and hate hand of Pocket Rocket, Bullets, AA, whatever you would like to call it. I play really tight for a few orbits not seeing a flop for the first ten hands. Some other ten hands in I hold AA in the BB, cheers Stars. EP min-raises, LP raises to 10xBB…as he’s a relative maniac I don’t even think about it and push (remember my announcement that I’m so All-In preflop with the next rockets I hold?). Sure enough he calls and shows A10…the rest can go with the old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words…

...and again

Crippled and on mega-tilt I didn’t even survive the next hand…I guess I gotta readjust my tactics when holding bullets: If there’s any raise before the flop, ponder about calling if it doesn’t mean I’m commited, then on the flop if there’s any possible draw – fold.

j/k 😉

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More and more people call it Riverstars. I’ve been both helped and killed on the river. I don’t know what it is about this (didn’t I read that online gaming is rigged?), but it just seems to happen all the time. Hey, 9 times out of 10, your rockets would hold up. Don’t give up on ’em yet.

Comment by iamhoff 03.28.06 @ 7:20 pm


Hey Ingoal. You just have to stick with it and keep playing ’em the right way. Take it from me, there is no bigger tilter and no bigger sufferer of bad beats than I. I tell myself it’s because I am SO often allin with the best hand, and therefore I suffer more bad beats than seemingly eveyrone else put together. Whatever makes me feel better about my stoopid losses. That is a bad beat you posted there — there is just something about the runnerrunnerrunnerrunner beats that just steams me much worse than any of those single-card 2- or 3-outers.

Anyways best of luck. As I think I’ve mentioned, jokerstars is KILLING a lot of us bloggers just lately. If you read around you’ll see the posts for yourself. Here’s hoping things turn around soon.

Comment by Hoyazo aka The Hammer Player 03.28.06 @ 7:28 pm


Thanks for the encouraging words hoff and hoyazo!

We all know the feeling after a bad beat – and I gotta agree with you hoyazo: it kills me a thousand times more if I lose to a runner-runner(-runner) hand, especially if I’m waaay ahead, than it does when I lose to two random cards (i.e. scenario: you are a normal or big stack and hold AA, opponent is shortstacked and calls your bully move (putting pressure on him in the blinds, putting him all in) with crap like K2…now imagine the flop comes down K-2-x – too bad…aces cracked, it still sucks, but there’s not much you can do, but something like this doesn’t put me on tilt…AA vs A10 runner straight crap does)…

As for “riverstars”: I smile when I head ppl say it either in the ps chat or around the web. It just isn’t true (I’ve seen about the same amount of outs hit on the river on FullTilt, UB and Titan)…something to think about: how likely was the card to come on the river in the first place? – I mean it’s tough if a two outer hits, but if you’re looking at 4 card (OE) straight or flush hands with possible overcards (basically around 10+ outs) it’s not all that unlikely that they’ll hit…

As for “getting rivered”: the whole concept of getting a bad beat (and the number of times it’ll happen to you) is strongly related to the hands you’re playing – it’s quite obvious that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get rivered if you’re far behind in the first place (ask CJ how often he has been rivered 😉 )…you might want to check one of my posts (and the related links in it) about this topic: Suckouts-or-rivered

Comment by Ingoal 03.28.06 @ 7:41 pm

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