Turnaround with a twist
Sunday April 02nd 2006, 1:33 am
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After the disappointing results of the last few days I decided that a change was in order:

  1. Focus on low limit ring games, like I said yesterday
  2. Focus on playing the game
  3. Play a good game with good decisions without trying too hard
  4. …try to have fun in the process

So I sat down at numerous shorthanded low limit tables at FullTilt tonight and I did well. I avoided the old “second best is da nuts” style of play and was able to double and triple up numerous times – sidenote: hitting some nice flops helped too, no doubt 😉

The last hand was a total twist of my luck, but it didn’t put me on tilt or anything, I just said to myself: enough for the day and that’s that. Scenario: I hold A7o in the cutoff, BB+1 raises to 3xBB, I cold call…the others fold…flop: 2h-7c-Ac…BB+1 leads out with 9xBB…now I think she’s probably holding a strong Ace and isn’t chasing the flush…re-raise All-In…sure enough she shows AK which is far behind atm…turn floats my boat as the Ah hits…now enter the twist: river is the Kc…giving her Aces full of Kings over my Aces full of sevens….wow…rivered by a 3 outer…oh well…you can’t win ’em all 🙂

Boat over boat

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